Dressing Up: The Grown Up Bag

August 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

Personal style is not stagnant. It’s not a box that you stuff yourself in. It’s a living, breathing extension of yourself that changes and evolves as you do as a material expression of who you are and who you can be.

I am not a student anymore, I’m a professional. A newly minted professional. There are sartorial transitions that have to be made. New signals that I have to learn to send, new sartorial elements that have to be incorporated.

I have been doing a bit of hunting. In an effort to incorporate what is not simply just a more mature, professional look but my version of a more mature, professional look. Who is the older, professional Sara, and what does she want to wear? I’ve been ruminating on this question, and collecting little bits of inspiration that feel like they could be signals, pointing me in the direction I would like to go. Now I’m focusing on finding key pieces. Things that I will use the more, components of my wardrobe that I will wear or carry everyday. Lately, I’ve been specifically thinking in bags. I’m ready to turn in my worn tote bags of my student days and trading it in for something new.

Currently ranking high in the “consideration” phase of this process, vintage leather briefcases. I stumbled onto the Tanka Vintage one night while scouring the pages of Etsy and fell in love. No final decision has been made, but I’m pretty heavily leaning in this direction.

Mocha Brown Leather Coach His or Hers Briefcase from TankaVintage

Vintage Italian Brown Leather Satchel Briefcase from TanakaVintage


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