The Undetermined Autumn Soundtrack

October 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

The temperature is stubbornly stuck around the mid-90s here in the Central Valley of California. They’re saying it may even climb to 100 degrees today. I don’t like it. Not one bit. Every morning I look out my window to check for grey clouds and chilly weather and get nothing but blue skies and sunshine. It’s freaking torture.

But the fall weather will be here soon enough and, when it does, I will be ready. I’ve been stocking up on new tights and I’ve begun placing my sweaters back into my closet, next to my bright green coat. There is a stack of books on the table next to my bed that I will steadily work my way through during the colder months. The only thing that I don’t have ready is my fall back album. Every time the seasons change, or there is a major life shift, I gravitate towards a new album. Last winter, after Christmas, I was steeped in Lisa Hannigan’s Passenger. I was still living in New York at the time, and still had my favorite rainbow Aerial7 chopper headphones, though they were a bit faded and worn from years of use. (They’ve since broken completely). I would go stomping around the East Village with my heavy black combat boots and my favorite green coat and listen to her sweet and raw voice fill my ears. Even now when I listen to Safe Travels (Don’t Die) or Little Bird I can hear taxis sloshing past me on the wet streets near 7th Street and 1st Avenue. That’s what winter of 2012 sounded like. 

When the spring came around I was listening to Neko Case nonstop, especially her album Middle Cyclone. I would stand on subway platforms on weekends, waiting for sometimes 15 to 20 minutes for the G train and mouth the words to I’m an Animal or Vengeance is Sleeping. That’s what spring of 2012 sounded like.

Summer came around and I was back in California, in the blazing dry heat. It was a tough summer for a number of reasons, and it all ended with the passing of my grandfather a little over two weeks ago. Work was spotty, so money was a bit tighter than I anticipated and I didn’t get to do all of the adventuring I wanted to do. So I did a lot of driving around through the farms not far from my house with my windows rolled down and Dr. Dog blasting from my speakers. That’s what summer of 2012 sounded like.

I can’t quite figure out what fall sounds like yet. It’s nearly October and I have nothing yet. Maybe the lack of change in weather is throwing me off a little bit. It’s not summer anymore, but it’s not fall yet either. I don’t know what to call this moment, and it seems that it doesn’t have a sound. Maybe on the first morning that I wake up and I put on the tights and the cardigan I’ll know what to play and it will be a perfect fit and I will slide through the season singing the same songs over and over again.


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