Weekly Digest: August 3, 2012

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I know I have been pretty quiet this week. Next week will be better. This week was crazy-town-banana-pants, but I got a lot done! The Facebook page and the Twitter feed for my newest project is officially up and running. All in preparation for our first IndieGoGo campaign, which goes up at noon today! So exciting! This photo is actually the temporary logo we are using until our new graphic designer can get a hold of it. Even though it’s just a placeholder, I actually kind of like it.

Anyway, in an effort to not completely neglect the blog I have put together a little digest for this week. (Did I already promise that next week will be better? Because it totally will be.)

Simple financial planning advice for the 20-something person. I appreciate.

I don’t exactly have Olympic fever, but I have been doing some hardcore cheering for Gabby Douglas. I think she’s amazing and jerks should immediately stop criticizing her hair. More on this later.

I was listening to this while driving and, I will admit it, I teared up.

Did you see Parker Posey on the last two episodes of Louie? Absolutely amazing.

That…is…a living room trapeze. I need one. I need one right now.




Storytelling for Dummies

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Earlier this year, while knee deep in my last documentary project, I stumbled across this video by graphic artist David Shiyang Liu. It’s a segment from a 2009 interview with radio legend Ira Glass on storytelling and taste.

At the time I saw this it was exactly what I needed to hear (as corny as that sounds). I had all of this beautiful raw footage that I had collected for months. I knew what I wanted my film to be and what it could be…but there was so much I felt was lost in translation between my gut and Final Cut Pro. And I think it is an act of translation. Storytelling in any medium is a lot like learning a language within a language. You have those moments when you feel completely inept. Like you know what you want to say but when you open your mouth to say it a pile of nonsense just falls out of your mouth and onto the floor where it just kind of…lays there. It can be hard to remind yourself “I am not an idiot” when all evidence seems to be pointing to a different conclusion.

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